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Claims Management for the Fund

Avizent Claims Office Contacts

Jennifer Whitfield, Claims Supervisor
Direct: 205-581-9141
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext. 29141
Fax: 614-932-8204
Email: jwhitfield@avizentrisk.com

Chad Bellin, Claims Supervisor
Direct:  205-581-9329
Toll Free:  800-277-7500 ext: 29329
Fax:  614-932-8793
E-mail: Cbellin@avizentrisk.com

 Brenda Sizemore, Senior Adjuster
Direct: 205-581-9111
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext. 29111
Fax: 614-932-8813
Email: bsizemore@avizentrisk.com

Brian Kilgore, Senior Adjuster/Litigation Management
Direct: 205-581-9471
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext. 29471
Fax: 614-932-8797
Email: bkilgore@avizentrisk.com

Christy Wilkins, Senior Adjuster
Direct: 205-581-9263
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext. 29263
Fax: 614-932-8849
Email: cwilkins@avizentrisk.com

Anna Moreland, Adjuster
Direct: 205-581-9101
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext. 29101
Fax: 614-932-8791
Email: amoreland@avizentrisk.com

Evangelia Burgess, Adjuster
Direct: 205-581-9119
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext.29119
Fax: 614-932-8800
Email: eburgess@avizentrisk.com

Stephen Foster, Senior Adjuster
Direct:  205-581-9150
Toll Free:  1-800-277-7500, ext. 29150
Fax:  614-932-8834
Email: Sfoster@avizentrisk.com        

Kelly Bennett, Claims Intake
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext. 29546

Daniel O’Shields, Lost Time Adjuster
Direct: 205-581-9451
Toll Free: 1-800-277-7500, ext. 29451
Fax: 614-932-8790
Email: doshields@avizentrisk.com


First Report of Injury Submission:

Fax: 205-214-1191 OR 1-866-277-7514

Email: firstreport-al-bir@avizentrisk.com

After hours fall call information for reporting new injuries:

Phone: 1-800-277-7500, follow prompts


If an employee is injured, report the injury by...

New First Report of Injury Form

New Nature of Injury Codes


About Avizent

Avizent is one of the fastest-growing national risk management providers offering claims management, medical managed care, self-insured groups, alternative risk financing and RMIS software. The company employs over 700 associates throughout the U.S. For additional information, please visit the Avizent website at www.avizentrisk.com.

Claim Protocols

From the moment the call is made to Avizent's First Call hotline, an experienced professional begins handling your claim immediately. Their adjusters are trained and their performance evaluation is based on all aspects of solid claims management to include:

• Aggressive claims handling
• Prompt and thorough investigation
• Recorded statements taken on questionable files
• 3-point contact within 24 hours of assignment
• Supervisory review of all claims
• Individual loss reserving
• Payments made for all related workers’ compensation benefits
• Medical management provided on each file
• Applicable state filings made
• Recovery of third party and second injury fund claims included

In addition to superior claims management, Avizent offers the following:

Experienced Claim Teams

Average claim experience of over 20 years among senior adjusters

• Account-specific, state specific adjuster assignments
• Adjuster assignment levels average 125 lost time files, 350 medical-only files
• Supervisor to adjuster ratio is 1:3
• In-house continuing education program

Legal Services

• In-house attorney as a resource and legal bill review
• File coordination with defense counsel

Information Systems

• Full-service proprietary, mainframe-based claims administration system
• Web-based, on-line access to adjuster notes and financial information
• Flexible RMIS reporting functionality
• Electronic report delivery

Read more about Avizent on their web site at www.AvizentRisk.com.




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